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Yet another website for me to waste my time on :)

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abandoned things, absurdity, antiheroes, arrested development, assassins, australia, avoiding reality, bdsm, being inspired, black books, bludging, books, bookshops, british humour, cats, cds, cheese, children of bodom, comedy, comics, creative writing, creativity, culture, cynicism, dark poetry, darkness, deadpool, deathstars, debates, democracy, demons, destroying the system, distractions, dystopian societies, eating, eirnin, english, erotica, evil, fantasy, fantasy novels, fantasy writing, fiction, fiction writing, finding someone, food, free stuff, free verse, gas masks, getting my point across, gothic rock, graphic novels, history, horror, humour, icon of coil, imaginary friends, industrial music, insanity, killers, knowledge, lastfm, laughing, lightning, literature, magazines, masochism, mortis necare, mp3's, music, mythology, nerds, new things, new writers, nifty clothes, novels, obscure music, originality, pasta, photography, poetry, pointless crap, politics, post-apocalypse, prose, puns, quizzes, razed in black, reading, revenge, rock, rock music, roleplaying, samurai champloo, sarcasm, satire, scaring normal people, screaming, scribbles, self-contradiction, serial killers, shadows, shapeshifters, short stories, sketch comedy, sleep, socialism, sonata arctica, stories, storms, story telling, stuff, stupid things, submission, suspense, suspense novels, sydney, talking, the chaser, the ocean, thunderstorms, travel, urban exploration, urban fantasy, veluriel, villains, warm days, warmth, weather, weirdness, wit, words, workers rights, world domination, worldbuilding, writers, writing, yakking
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